Add Future Satellite

This page allows you to add satellites to the OPOT which have yet to launch. It is aimed at advanced users, so that they can plan observation campaigns for upcoming satellites. There are two methods to add a satellite:

TLE Parameters

This method allows you to enter the parameters to be used in generating the TLE, which is used to describe the satellites orbit. Make sure to enter the values in the correct format, and also to choose a unique satellite name. For more information on the meaning of each parameter, see this article.

Proxy Satellite

This method allows you to add a satellite by choosing a proxy satellite, whose orbital parameters match the satellite you are interested in. Try find a proxy satellite whose orbital height/inclination/eccentricity are very similar. Matching launch site and launch vehicle is also recommended. Make sure to enter a valid satellite catalog number in the proxy satellite field, and also ensure you find the correct launch date of the proxy satellite, so that it's initial TLE can be retrieved correctly. The method used is based on this article.

Add Future Satellite by Parameters

Format: NNNNNN-N, decimal point assumed

Range: 0.0 -> 180.0 degrees, max decimal places: 4

Range: 0.0 -> 360.0 degrees, max decimal_places: 4

Range: 0.0 -> 1.0, max decimal places: 7

Range: 0.0 -> 360.0 degrees, max decimal_places: 4

Range: 0.0 -> 360.0 degrees, max decimal_places: 4

Number of orbits per day, max decimal_places: 8

Add Future Satellite by Proxy